Key Products: Leather Chemicals
Country of origin: Mexico, Europe, South Africa, Brazil, Australia, Singapore and China.
Buckman has over 75 years of experience since 1945 in performance solutions and process chemicals for Leather, it also
produces products that satisfy other industries including Water treatment, BSM-11 for the pulp and paper, Agriculture,
Biofuels, Wood treatment, Coating & Plasting,…etc…
Buckman has sold more than 2,000 products made in more than 75 vessels to more than 2,500 customers located in more
than 80 countries served by more than 1,700 dedicated Associates from 38 countries around the world.
With our close relationship, Buckman has been continuously committed to exploring new possibilities with us to bring the
best chemical outcomes to our customers in a range of fields, especially the Leather industry in Vietnam and Cambodia.